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20mph electric scooter 36V 350W motor

20 MPH Electric Scooter Powered by 350W Motor

Upgrade your daily commute with the thrilling speed of our 20mph electric scooter. A 350W brushless motor propels you up to 20 mph powered by a 36V lithium battery. Underfoot, 8 inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride across various surfaces. With a sleek low-profile deck, lightweight frame and folding design, this e-scooter is perfect for daily treks around campus or urban commuting.

 Thoughtfully designed features aim for convenience and safety. An easy-squeeze brake lever provides quick stopping power. Bright LED headlights and brake lights boost visibility at night. The digital display shows your battery level, current speed, and distance traveled. Weighing just 30 pounds, this lightweight scooter is easy to carry when folded. Other details like fender-mounted brake lights and a kickstand maximize function.

20mph electric scooter

When your daily travels call for speed, portability and functionality, this 20mph electric scooter powers up your commute. Feel the thrill of acceleration and wind in your hair as you zip around at up to 20 mph. The long-life 36V battery sustains your top speed for miles. With its folding design, lightweight frame and pneumatic tires, this e-scooter combines performance and portability.

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