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6 Best Two Wheel Stand Up Electric Scooters

6 Best Two Wheel Stand Up Electric Scooters

Are you tired of traffic jams and always arrive late to your destination? On average, commuters waste about 54 hours in traffic jams each year. In densely populated cities such as New York, this number has increased significantly. You can take a two wheel stand up electric scooters to and from work to easily avoid this traffic rush. Due to their compact design, these electric scooters are an effective mode of transportation. Below we provide some of the best two wheel electric scooter on the market.

Shuangye electric scooter

two wheel stand up electric scooters
Shuangye electric scooter is one of the best two-wheel electric vertical scooter because of its compact and portable design.

Features and advantages

Powerful motor: This two wheel electric scooter has a 250 watt electric motor. The motor will help you drive this electric scooter at a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. You can drive this scooter for 9-12 miles.
Dual brake system: This scooter has a dual disc brake system.
Long-distance driving: Thanks to its high-quality electric scooter battery, you can drive a long distance of 9-12 miles on this electric scooter. The 36v lithium battery on this scooter is fully charged in about 4-5 hours.
Foldable frame: This electric two-wheeled scooter adopts a folding frame, which is very easy to carry. You can easily fold and minimize the frame of this scooter, thereby reducing the size of this scooter. This feature will help you when you are out or in storage.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this two-wheeled electric scooter because it has two wheels with a width of 10 inches. These wheels can also absorb vibration and provide you with a comfortable riding experience.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

This Xiaomi electric scooter has a very smart design. Due to this smart design, this two-wheeled electric scooter adopts a minimalist design. The weight of this electric scooter is only 26.9 pounds.

Features and advantages

Fast and long range: It has a powerful and robust 250 watt electric motor. The motor can drive this electric scooter at a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour. You can easily travel long distances with this electric scooter. This scooter can travel 18.5 miles per charge.
Dual brakes: The braking system of this electric scooter includes disc brakes and EABS anti-lock brakes. These two components work together to make the brake more sensitive and effective. The braking distance of this scooter is only 13.1 feet long.
Easy to use: You can use simple and basic controls to operate and control this electric scooter. These scooters are easy to control, so people of all ages can use this scooter.
Portable: The original size of this scooter is 42.5 x 16.9 x 44.9 inches. It has a folding frame that allows you to conveniently store or carry this scooter.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric scooter because it has a unique dual brake system. This dual brake system will help you park your scooter within a safe distance. It can also prevent you from hitting the electric scooter on other objects.

Segway Electric Scooter

two wheel stand up electric scooters
The Segway two wheel electric scooter can climb up slopes. The maximum angle that the scooter can climb is 15 degrees. You can also use this scooter to get knee pads. Using this knee pad, you can effectively control the scooter.

Features and advantages

Self-balancing: This electric scooter will help you maintain vertical balance. You just need to maintain a horizontal balance. This scooter is different from traditional electric scooters, you have to maintain a balance horizontally and vertically.
Adaptive road design: It has two 10.5-inch pneumatic tires. These tires will enable you to drive smoothly on all types of surfaces. The wider base of these tires can eliminate all the bumps during your ride.
Powerful: You will get 400 watts of dual motors in this electric scooter. The maximum speed you can ride this scooter is 10 miles per hour. Compared with other self-balancing scooters, this scooter is very light and weighs 28 pounds. The maximum load capacity of this electric scooter is 220 pounds.
Smart management: You can install the Segway app to control the speed and controls of the electric scooter. This application will also provide you with an anti-theft feature, which will track the location of your scooter.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric scooter because it has a unique self-balancing function, which allows you to ride the scooter easily. Self-balancing electric scooters are very suitable for people who lack stability and balance.

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly electric scooters are durable. The frame of this scooter is air-grade aluminum alloy. The tires of this scooter are 8 inches wide and have a smooth rolling design.

Features and advantages

Powerful: This electric standing scooter is equipped with a 250-watt DC motor. The motor can withstand severe wear and tear. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to maintain this motor.
Excellent battery: It has a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. You can drive this scooter for 15 miles per charge. The charging time of the battery is quite short, at 3.25 hours.
Folding frame: The overall size of this standing electric scooter is 36.22 x 5.91 x 11.81 inches. It also has a vertical self-support function, allowing you to conveniently store this scooter in a narrow space.
Safety design: You can drive this scooter safely because you have a dual brake system. The system includes a front twist brake and a rear rear brake.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric scooter, it is very durable and strong. People who need to use this scooter every day will be satisfied with this scooter. Its high-quality construction increases the service life of this scooter.

Sisigad self-balancing electric scooter

The Sisigad self-balancing scooter is the best two-wheeled electric scooter because it has a unique self-balancing design. This design will help you ride this scooter without falling or losing your balance.

Features and advantages

Ergonomic design: These electric scooters have a high load capacity of 220 pounds and are suitable for many people. The total charging time of the battery is between 3-5 hours. Its maximum riding speed is 6 miles per hour.
Non-slip foot pads: Non-slip foot pads are currently on the deck of this motorcycle to improve your grip and stability. Because of these pads, you are unlikely to lose your balance and fall and get injured.
Bluetooth connection: This electric scooter or hoverboard has a built-in speaker. You can play and improvise your favorite music or videos while riding this hoverboard. Your external device can be connected to this scooter via Bluetooth.
Ride smoothly: The wheels on this electric hoverboard are 6.5 inches wide. These wheels are made of high-quality rubber material. The rubber has high flexibility and grip and can be ridden on a variety of surfaces.

Why should you buy it?

If you are overweight or obese, you should buy this electric scooter because it has a high load capacity and you can enjoy the fun of riding carefree.

Hovering electric scooter

two wheel electric scooter
Hover electric scooters or hoverboards are waterproof. All internal parts of this scooter have an additional protective layer to prevent water from entering the scooter. You can ride this scooter in any weather conditions.

Features and advantages

Fast: The top speed of this scooter is 9 miles per hour, and the mileage per charge is 9 miles. This scooter can lift loads up to 264 pounds.
Fast charging: The total charging time of the battery of this scooter is approximately 2.5 hours. It can travel 9 miles per charge. It has a 36 V lithium ion battery.
LED light: You can customize the appearance of the Hover electric scooter by changing the color of the LED light. You can control the color of these LED lights with the help of a smartphone app.
Solid tires: It has solid rubber tires with a width of 6.5 inches. Using these tires, you can easily ride on irregular terrain. These tires will smoothly roll over obstacles in your path.

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this electric scooter because it is weatherproof. Leaving this scooter in the rain will not cause the scooter to malfunction.

Buyer’s guide to the best two wheel stand up electric scooters


The best two-wheeled electric vertical scooter should have a solid deck. The sturdy deck evenly distributes the user’s load, allowing you to operate the scooter smoothly. In addition to a strong deck, these scooters must also be equipped with durable and wide tires. Solid rubber tires can withstand more loads than ordinary tires.

Ergonomic design

The electric scooter adopts an ergonomic design to increase the attractiveness of users. Scooters with non-slip foot pads or smart connection functions can enhance the user’s riding experience. These features allow users to fully immerse themselves in the process of riding an electric scooter.

Easy to use

The main problem faced by beginners is that they cannot control the electric scooter immediately. In order to curb this problem, most of these standing electric scooters have a simple and basic control structure.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are electric scooters legal in the United States?

Yes, if the top speed of electric scooters is less than 25 miles per hour, then they are legal in the United States. You can drive your electric scooter on the bike lane or on the side of the road. In many states, you cannot drive on the street.

Q: How does the self-balancing electric scooter work?

The self-balancing scooter is equipped with a special gyro sensor on the foot pad. The gyroscope will calculate the direction and angle of your movement. These sensors then send these signals to the control unit, which then moves the electric scooter.

If you are interested in our electric scooters, you can follow our online battle or tell us in the comments below, we will continue to update the knowledge about electric scooters.

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