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8 simple tips to prevent electric scooter injuries

8 simple tips to prevent electric scooter injuries

electric scooter injuriesSince 2017, the popularity of electric scooters has been on the rise, and this is for good reason. Electric scooters are practical, environmentally friendly, and lightweight, making them very suitable for modern Americans who want to travel through busy urban traffic.
The acquisition of electric scooters has been going on for several years. It’s easy to see why. They are easy to use and a fun way to get from point A to point B. In fact, more and more riders use electric scooters to reduce the burden of daily commuting to get off work. But in the final analysis, electric scooters are powerful means of transportation and deserve respect when riding electric scooters. But there are still people who get electric scooter injuries while riding an electric scooter.

Having said that, electric scooters are considered safer than manual (kick) scooters. They are more controlled because you are most likely to put your feet on the deck. This means more stable riding. But accidents still happen-especially on shared electric scooters.

With the popularity of shared electric scooters, the authorities have noticed an increase in the number of doctor visits due to scooter-related accidents. In one study, researchers reviewed 249 such cases between September 2017 and August 2018. Of these injuries, 31.7% were fractures and 40.2% were head contusions or sprains. More worryingly, the researchers pointed out that 94% of the riders in the study did not wear a helmet.

Now, when you consider that most of the injuries come from people who rent electric scooters, this number makes a lot of sense. This is why carpool electric scooters always leave us with a sour taste. After all, no one will carry a helmet with them, just in case they might jump on an electric scooter-let’s find a fully charged and working electric scooter together. Accordingly, we will give you 8 simple tips to prevent electric scooter injuries.

1. Always wear protective equipment

electric scooter injuries
This should be self-evident. If you ride an electric scooter—even an electric bicycle—you should always protect your dome. Wearing a helmet has been shown to reduce the risk of severe head, brain, and severe brain damage by 63% to 88%. In addition, elbow pads can prevent up to 82% of elbow injuries, while knee pads can significantly reduce knee injuries by 32%.

Make sure that your protective equipment is age-appropriate and certified by one of the following three agencies:

SNELL Memorial Foundation
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Wearing a helmet and protective gear will provide you with extra protection while riding. There are many out there. Some even look super fashionable. But the important thing is that you have one and wear it every time you ride a bike.

2.Always RTM (read the manual)

electric scooter injuries
We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our manual is rich, concise, accurate and easy to read. In it, you will find everything you need for assembly, use, maintenance, etc. Reading the manual is the first step to become familiar with all the controls of escooter.

✓ Need to know how to turn on the headlights? There are in the instructions.

✓ Need to know how to enable cruise control? There are in the instructions.

✓ Need to know how to adjust the brakes? ✓ How to clean the electric scooter? ✓ How to inflate the tires?

People who read the Swagger 5 Elite manual
you guessed right! There are in the instructions.
Knowing the ins and outs of your electric scooter, front and back, left and right, will help you to ride proficiently-dare we say? -Gorgeous.

3.Practice! practice! practice!

Reading the manual will definitely help you to become familiar with the control of the electric scooter. But nothing beats good old-fashioned exercises.

Take it slowly at first. Some of our scooters have multiple riding modes, which limit the maximum speed that eScooter can reach. Our Swagger 3 Pro and Swagger 5 Elite have these modes. Keep it at the lowest level until you can install, remove and turn it comfortably.

And don’t forget to wear protective equipment, even when practicing!

4.Ride with purpose, care and consideration

In the study we mentioned earlier, nearly 10% of the injured were pedestrians. Therefore, one of the ways you can ride smartly is to show some love to pedestrians.

Unless required or permitted by local law, you are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. (This is the place to learn about local laws.)

electric scooter injuries

5.Always be courteous to pedestrians.

Follow the traffic and never go retrograde.
Follow all traffic signs, signals and lane markings.
The couple rode Swagger 5 Elite together and wore helmets to prevent injuries to the electric scooter.
Avoid adverse riding conditions:
Low light, crowds and uneven roads
Although some of our scooters are equipped with LED headlights to help you see and be seen, it is best to avoid insufficient light as much as possible. This includes night adventures. It is difficult to see what is ahead, especially when you are driving upwards at 10, 11, 12 mph or faster.

Electric scooters work best on flat, level sidewalks. Stay away from steep slopes, steep hills, and the most important thing is to stay away from uneven roads. The Swagger 3 Pro features low-maintenance rubber tires with rear suspension and Swagger 5 Elite (link to product page) uses a pneumatic (air-filled) front tire. Both of these will help smooth and rugged riding. However, when you find yourself walking on a particularly bumpy road, it is best to stop the scooter and let it over the bumpy road.

Do you really like the convenience and powerful functions of e-rideable, and like to ride roughly? Maybe you should try one of our wide tire electric bicycles — EB6 or EB8. (Link to product page)

6.Know your state and local laws

We have previously discussed how confusing state and local laws regarding electric scooters and electric bicycles are:

Whether you can legally ride an electric scooter will depend on a confusing combination of state and local laws. Your state may allow the use of electric scooters; your city may not. A city may encourage the use of electric scooters as a smart and efficient way to travel; your university may not think so.

But it is important that you fully understand what your community, your university, your city, and your state think about electric scooters. This will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as an eScooter rider.

Can you ride a bike on the sidewalk?
Can I ride on the bike path?
Can I cross the road at an intersection?
Do you need a valid driver’s license?
All of these and more issues may have been decided at the state or local level. You better understand what is expected of you.

We recommend that you check out the full article for tips on how to quickly and easily research the laws regarding electric scooters in your area.

7.Use gestures

It is important to understand the surrounding environment. Part of this awareness includes sending out your intention of movement to onlookers and passers-by-turn left, turn right, or stop. In addition to electronic turn signals, the proven and reliable method is through arm movement.

Stop = extend the left arm and bend the arm down at the elbow.
Turning to the right = straighten your right arm to your sides; basically, pointing in the direction of your turn.
Turn left = straighten your left arm to your side.

riding an electric scooter
Diagrams of common hand turn signals for bicycles, scooters, electric bicycles and other LEVs
(In some communities, you can also signal a right turn by extending your left arm and bending your arm up at the elbow. This is very common, and as a rider or pedestrian, you should be aware of this.)

Make sure you scan behind you quickly to see if there are pedestrians (other scooter riders, cyclists, runners) behind you. And note: not all electric scooters can be easily operated with one hand.

8.Keep up with your electric scooter maintenance

Electric scooters are fun. But they are not in vain to be called “light electric vehicles” (LEVs). As vehicles, they require regular maintenance. Check the brakes and tire inflation regularly, if not every day, to make sure everything is in top condition. Some electric scooters, such as our Swagger 5 Elite, have brakes that you can adjust and tighten according to your preferences, allowing you to stop completely and react faster.

If the tires in your electric scooter are inflated (inflated), then you definitely need to check the tire pressure regularly-especially after long trips and long adventures.

Tire pressure is the key to making full use of eScooter’s performance. It affects everything from the speed of travel to the distance that can be traveled on a single charge. So check it often!

There is no doubt that riding an electric scooter is exhilarating. However, like riding a bicycle or skateboarding, it brings a lot of responsibilities. Riding a horse requires a lot of practice and healthy common sense. But by following these eight tips, you can get a hassle-free riding experience-for you and everyone around you.

If you are interested in electric scooters, you can follow our online battle or tell us in the comments below, we will continue to update the knowledge about electric scooters.

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