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Advantages of a Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Advantages of a Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Big Wheel Electric ScooterDo you want to use a big wheel electric scooter instead of a regular scooter? If yes, then you can choose a big wheel electric scooter at any time. Compared with ordinary electric scooters, big wheel electric scooters have many advantages.

Young riders and adult riders can easily ride electric scooters or bicycles without any obstacles.

The elderly and children face a major problem, and this problem is that these people are often unable to maintain their balance on electric scooters. This problem is mainly due to the lack of muscle and bone strength in both the elderly and children.

You can overcome or curb this problem mainly by using electric scooters with large wheels. One of the significant advantages of large-wheeled electric scooters is enhanced stability and control.

Benefits of using big wheel electric scooters

Better balance
The big wheels on an electric scooter or bicycle can roll objects easily. These wheels hardly get stuck between two rocks or other things. Using these wheels, you can easily traverse challenging and irregular terrain. Smaller wheels can easily slip on large or sturdy objects. For this reason, you may also lose your balance and fall when driving on irregular terrain.

Better grip
Larger wheels on electric scooters increase the surface area of ​​the tires or wheels that are in contact with the road. Due to the increased surface area, these wheels can maintain good grip.

For this reason, compared with small-wheel electric scooters, you can easily maintain balance on large-wheel electric scooters.

Better speed

Due to the increase in wheel size, the speed of electric scooters has also increased significantly. Larger wheels provide greater power and spread, allowing you to move at a faster speed. Electric scooters with large wheels can also lift heavier loads than standard electric scooters. They provide higher load-bearing capacity because the user’s weight is evenly distributed across the width of the wheel.

Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Some of the best big wheel electric scooters

Shuangye S1
This electric scooter is one of the scooters with big and fat tires. The wheels of this electric scooter are 10 inches wide. Its oversized tires provide smooth and powerful driving. The price of this electric scooter is very generous, at US$250.

Hobbyists will find it difficult to ride this scooter because it needs some extra muscle and power to drive this electric scooter. It is suitable for driving on various terrains and has the best suspension system. The system can adapt to a variety of driving experience, while obtaining soft and hard suspension.

The hub motors in this electric scooter have an amazing top speed of 25 miles per hour. You can even get a high mileage or distance coverage of approximately 30 miles. This electric scooter is very suitable for long-distance driving because it has such a long distance.

War Wolf

This large-wheel electric scooter is equipped with special pneumatic tires. The pneumatic tires of this scooter can be adjusted and shaped according to the shape of the surface on which you drive them. In order to get better grip and higher stability, you must use this electric scooter. The tire width of this electric scooter is second only to Dualtron X.

The wheel width of this electric scooter is 11 inches. In addition, this scooter also uses a lean and moderate design, allowing you to drive this electric scooter faster. The unique wheels on this electric scooter provide higher and better traction even on wet roads.

A significant disadvantage of this electric scooter is that it is not effective on flat surfaces of irregular and off-road terrain. The wheels of this electric scooter are tubeless, so it is difficult to puncture. You can drive carefree on rocks and pebbles without worrying about the wheels of this electric scooter.

You can buy this electric scooter with large wheels for about $2,999. With this scooter, you can also get a fairly high mileage of 70 miles per charge. You can use this electric scooter to cruise at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The maximum inclination angle you can easily climb with this electric scooter is 30 degrees. With a power output of 2700 watts, you can also charge this scooter in a very short time.

Its battery is fully charged to 100% in just 5.3 hours. When the battery of this electric scooter is fully charged, you can use this electric scooter continuously for 20 hours. Due to the larger wheel size, the maximum carrying capacity of this electric scooter is also very high. This electric scooter can lift a load of 265 pounds.

Double Thunder
Dualtron Thunder is also an electric scooter with larger wheels to provide better maneuverability and stability.

The price of this electric scooter is about US$3699, and it has 11-inch wide wheels. The wheels on this electric scooter are about the size of a war wolf.

With the big tires of this scooter, you can roll over and jump over potholes, bumps and obstacles in the car effortlessly. These wheels can also act as excellent shock absorbers because they can absorb all the vibrations you experience when riding an electric scooter. The wheels on this scooter are tubeless, so compared to ordinary electric scooters, they have a high resistance to flat ground.

The tubeless wheels of this electric scooter also have anti-puncture and anti-leakage functions. You can even use these wheels to cruise on wet surfaces and snow. This electric scooter has a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge. You can use the powerful motor installed in this scooter to climb 47-degree slopes.

Big Wheel Electric Scooter

Frequently asked questions

Are big wheels useful in your electric scooter?
Yes, compared with traditional electric scooters, big wheel electric scooters are better. You can use these larger wheels to drive faster. The larger wheels on the electric scooter can greatly reduce the impact and shock vibration that reaches you.

Due to the larger wheels, you can get better handling and control while driving. If you suffer from back, spine or neck related problems, you will want an electric scooter with larger wheels. Electric scooters with larger wheels use a low-impact design to reduce muscle and bone pressure.

What is the ideal wheel size for an electric scooter?

Wheels with a width or diameter of 110 mm are considered ideal for electric scooters. Wheels or tires with a diameter of 100 mm are also suitable for smaller and lighter electric scooters. The size of the right wheels also depends on the type of terrain on which you are driving them.

If you have to drive a large-wheeled electric scooter on flat roads and sidewalks, then medium-sized wheels are suitable. However, if you want to drive on irregular roads or off-road terrain, you need larger wheels. These larger wheels will give you good control.

What is the service life of electric scooter wheels?
The service life of electric scooters depends on the quality of the wheels. Low-quality or cheap wheels can last up to 12,500 miles. And if you buy high-quality wheels made of the best materials, they can last 22,000 miles.

The service life of your electric scooter wheels depends on your frequency of use, driving conditions and driving conditions. If you keep the air-conditioning of the electric scooter, you will increase the service life of the wheels.

Can we install larger wheels on the electric scooter?
No, you cannot install larger or smaller wheels on an electric scooter. The wheel size range of electric scooters is fixed. Wheels falling within this fixed range are compatible with electric scooters. You cannot choose any wheel size you think is suitable and connect them to the scooter at will.

The overall design and frame of the electric scooter are suitable for the size of the wheels, and the installation of irregularly-sized wheels will destroy the design of the scooter. Therefore, you can also experience electric scooters with weaker functions.

Is the 1000w sports power board electric scooter big wheel suitable for children?
The sport power board electric scooter with big wheels is not suitable for children. This scooter uses a powerful 1000W motor and three powerful batteries to work together. With the help of this powerful motor, the scooter can run at a maximum speed of 26 mph, which will not be safer for children.


Final verdict

If you are looking for an electric scooter with excellent stability and control, the large wheels of the electric scooter are an essential feature. The elderly, overweight and obese people will indeed find electric scooters with large wheels useful.

We have mentioned above the advantages of installing and using these wheels in your electric scooter.

This article also introduces some of the leading electric scooters with larger wheels, as well as their prices and specifications. After reading this article, you can make up your mind.

Nothing to say: “Ride!” If you interest in our electric scooter and have any other questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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