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Are electric scooters worth it?

Are electric scooters worth it?

Are electric scooters worth itElectric scooters have been around since 1996. But they’ve just recently seen a massive uptick in popularity and public interest, especially in larger American cities and on college campuses. This is in part thanks to the growing number of e scooter rental companies, like Bird, Lime and, more recently announced, Uber. With so many rental scooters hitting the market, more and more people are considering making a purchase of their own. And they’re asking one simple question: are electric scooters worth it?

As cities become more crowded and traffic worsens by the year, the old way of commuting becomes increasingly unsustainable. Commuters have recognized this fact and embraced new ride-share models that reduce their carbon footprint, cut transportation costs, and cut down significantly on the time spent on the road. At the forefront of this commuting revolution, electric scooters solve a number of problems in addition to being just plain fun to ride.

Electric scooters are easy to carry and require little effort to operate. In addition to many other benefits, for many people who have not made up their minds, the question remains: Is the electric scooter worth the cost of ownership? Can a scooter replace my car? Is it better to buy a bicycle? Is the electric scooter reliable? Can I really save money by buying it? Below, we will look at some of these issues to help you determine whether an electric scooter is right for you.

The cost of electric scooters

The average American spends about $2,600 on commuting each year. These numbers may rise or fall depending on distance and mode of transportation, but overall, commuting costs are high, and in the long run, cars and buses have a greater impact on the environment. Although carpooling can reduce costs, it also brings other problems-such as the ecological impact of thousands of broken bicycles and scooters each year, and when thousands of commuters compete to use the same limited shared rides. Reliability and access issues when car inventory.

The cost of stocks has also risen recently because fees and excessive management fees have caused losses to stock companies. Some people estimate that the annual cost of riding shared bicycles and scooters is about $1,600 per year. Although this is significantly lower than the driving cost, the same or less amount can be invested in an electric scooter that can last for many years, especially if it is a well-designed model like Shuangye.
The financial cost of owning an electric scooter is much lower than owning other means of transportation, such as a car or motorcycle. But you should still consider the cost. The cost of owning an electric scooter has four components.

The cost of an electric scooter: This is the most obvious cost, almost needless to say, but you actually need to pay for the scooter. And the price is indeed very different. You can buy an electric scooter for a few hundred dollars to 1,500 dollars. Do your research. The correlation between prices is not always strong, so understand what features are included, consider the price point you are satisfied with, and read reviews.
The cost of protective equipment: You are smart. Smart enough to know that although electric scooters are fun, they are not toys. Every time you ride or ride in any vehicle that moves faster than walking, self-protection should be your top concern. Therefore, you need to invest in suitable protective equipment. This includes helmets, elbow pads and knee pads. After all, an electric scooter designed for a quick and easy commute can reach a top speed of 18 miles per hour. It’s fast enough!
Make sure your protective equipment is certified to help protect your head from low-intensity multiple shocks (ASTM standard) and single high-intensity shocks (CPSC certification).

Electricity for charging the scooter: The battery of the electric scooter is dead, so you have to charge it. Most electric scooter batteries charge between three to five hours. Your local electricity service provider should be able to estimate this cost. (But we know it must be less than a can of gasoline!)
The cost of replacing a scooter: Although an electric scooter is much cheaper to buy and operate than a motorcycle or car, it has a limited lifespan. Expect to replace your scooter every five years. But as the market for electric personal transportation continues to mature, you can expect prices to fall.

Are electric scooters worth it

The benefits of owning an electric scooter

Owning an electric scooter is not just about cost. There are many benefits to ownership. The following are the top ten benefits of buying an electric scooter.

1. Easy to assemble. The electric scooter is easy to assemble. Most models can be assembled in just ten minutes-especially foldable models. Just unfold, connect the handle, charge the battery, and set off.
2. They are very interesting. Don’t you want to feel like a child again? Owning an e scooter is a way to relive the good times of riding in the open air, with the wind blowing through your hair. We should all enjoy it from time to time, right?
3. Easy to park. Most electric scooters are small and light, and can be placed in an office, school locker, or grocery truck. However, if you absolutely need to park an electric scooter, then you have many options. Bike racks are almost everywhere, and many bicycle locks can be used to protect your scooter.
4. Save your time. Because the scooter is small and easy to operate, you can travel through traffic jams more easily. You will get to where you want to go faster, we dare to say, better.
5. License requirements: Due to the limited speed, many cities do not require you to hold a license. Before you ride, please make sure you are familiar with local electric scooter regulations. Visit our article, are electric scooters legal? ,to know more information.
6. Easy to carry. Electric scooters are usually very light and can be carried on buses, trains or subways. Still others, such as our Swagger 5 commuter scooter, can be easily folded so that you can store them in a compact space.
7. Environmentally friendly. Because they are electric, electric scooters do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The less CO2, the better
8. Maintenance cost: Maintaining an electric scooter is cheaper than owning a motorcycle or car.
9. They are electric. Not serious, this is a huge advantage. Compared with traditional fuel scooters and bicycles, electric scooters have lower operating costs. Rather than jump on a car for short trips and fast errands, it is better to jump on an electric scooter.
10. They are affordable. The cost of electric scooters is definitely much lower than that of motorcycles or cars. You can own a high-end scooter for just a few hundred dollars.

Electric scooter or bicycle?

As for whether to buy a bicycle or a scooter, you need to consider the fact that bicycles—especially electric bicycles—are heavy and bulky, and they are difficult to store in a compact space. They are also easier to stolen than portable folding scooters, and you can take them to a classroom or office and store them under your desk-and under the bed in a closet or at home. Cycling is a great way to exercise, but you don’t always want to exercise on the way to work. Non-motorized bicycles may mean sweating during summer commuting, and once you reach your destination, there is extra time to shower and change clothes.

On the other hand, electric scooters are small and light, which not only means that short-distance travel is easy and worry-free, but also means that electric scooters can be easily carried on subway cars and buses. Compared with any other means of transportation, electric scooters can solve the “last mile” problem that commuters encounter when they are a little far away from public transportation and cannot walk comfortably. Electric scooters provide commuting flexibility that other vehicles cannot provide, allowing riders to combine many different options to traverse their cities in the most effective way.

This flexibility makes electric scooters particularly suitable for the needs of rapidly changing urban lifestyles. They provide maximum mobility with minimal cost and effort. Encountered bad weather? Unlike bicycles, electric scooters can be easily folded and thrown into Uber or Lyft. Owning your own scooter means that when all the shares are rented or conditions are not ideal, you will never be trapped without transportation.

Are electric scooters worth it

Are electric scooters reliable?

As for reliability, you will find that well-made electric scooters can be used for several years with proper maintenance and require almost no maintenance. Another cost that is often overlooked in annual commuting estimates is the huge cost of regular car maintenance and frequent repairs, which can be a huge drain on the budget. An expensive car repair can be equal to the cost of a high-quality electric scooter like Unagi. Owning your own electric scooters also means having more reliable vehicles than shared bicycles and scooters, because sharing is heavily used and abused every day.

In almost all aspects, owning an electric scooter for daily commuting and short-distance travel has good economic and environmental significance. Electric scooters take up small storage space, are fun and easy to ride, and can be easily carried on public transportation. Unlike cars and bicycles that require routine maintenance, after the initial investment in high-quality electric scooters such as Unagi, the only additional cost you need to bear is the cost of helmets or other safety equipment.
With its stylish, lightweight design, easy-to-fold mechanism and sturdy and high-tech engineering, Unagi represents the best value of electric scooters on the market, it can replace most other options for short commutes, or can be combined with other options It is more convenient to use public transportation. Is it worth buying an electric scooter? We think so, Unagi provides a 30-day, problem-free return, so you can find yourself risk-free. Try Unagi for yourself and see how much you can save.

So are electric scooters worth it?

We said yes!
Let’s face it, an electric scooter is an exciting personal transportation tool that attracts the imagination of city commuters and campus travelers all over the world. It’s easy to see why. They are a fun and environmentally friendly way of travel. Improvements in battery technology make them more affordable and lighter than ever before, and Shuangye is at the forefront of combining innovative designs and industry-leading features with family-friendly prices.

Whether you use e scooter as a last mile solution or just to explore more of the world, there is an electric scooter with your name printed on it.

If you are interested in our electric scooter, you can leave a message. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your arrival.

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