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electric scooter china wholesale 48V 350W 500W motor

China Wholesale Electric Scooters – 350W and 500W Motor

Experience exhilarating electric scooter performance with our new China wholesale models available in 350W or 500W motors. These affordable electric scooters reach speeds up to 18-25mph powered by high-capacity 48V lithium batteries. Underfoot, 8 inch inflatable tires absorb impacts for a smooth ride. With folding designs and removable seats, enjoy the flexibility of standing or sitting.

electric scooter china wholesale

These electric scooters are thoughtfully engineered for safety and usability. Hand-operated brakes provide reliable stopping power. Bright LED headlights and brake lights enhance visibility and safety. Easy-read displays show your real-time speed, battery level, and distance traveled. Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames make scooters easy to carry and store when folded down.

If you’re seeking an affordable electric scooter without sacrificing performance, our China wholesale models deliver. Their 350W and 500W motors provide electrifying acceleration up to 25mph. Durable frames and inflatable tires stand up to daily use. Experience how these feature-packed electric scooters make short trips fun and efficient. Scoot through traffic, feel the wind in your hair, and save money on transportation with our latest China wholesale e-scooter models.

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