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electric scooter two wheels 500w 1000w 48v voltage

Two-Wheeled Electric Scooters – 500W and 1000W Models

Experience the thrill of high-speed electric scooting with our latest two-wheeled e-scooters. Available in 500W and 1000W motor options, these lightweight scooters deliver electrifying acceleration up to 15-25 mph. Under the deck, a high capacity 48V lithium battery provides extended range up to 22 miles per charge. Durable 8.5 inch inflatable tires provide stability even at top speeds. With a folding design, these electric scooters offer big performance in a portable package.

electric scooter two wheels

Cleverly engineered features aim to maximize thrill and functionality. The hand-operated brake provides reliable stopping power. Bright front LED headlights enhance visibility while riding at night. A digital display shows your real-time speed, battery level, and distance traveled. Weighing just 30-40 pounds, you can easily fold up the scooter for convenient carrying and storage. A removable seat allows riding either standing or sitting.

When your daily commute calls for an exciting ride, our 500W and 1000W electric scooters answer the call. Feel the G-force as you accelerate to 15+ mph with just the twist of the throttle. The 48V battery sustains your top speed for miles of high-octane fun. With two wheels for stability plus ultra-portability, these scooters simplify and electrify your daily travels.

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