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Electric Scooter vs Traditional Bike – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Electric Scooter vs Traditional Bike – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Electric Scooter
We all have to start working, but the way we work is changing. There are more options than ever before. As many of us turn to sustainable transportation. We realize that we need to make changes to be more environmentally friendly. This is why many of us are considering using electric scooters or traditional bike to go to work.
But the question is, do we choose electric scooters or bicycles to commute to work? The simple answer is that for travels under 5 kilometers, I will use an electric scooter, and for travels over 5 kilometers, I will ride a bicycle. How did I make this decision?
Let us first look at the costs involved in purchasing the equipment required for both modes of transportation. One interesting thing I always find is that people will see that electric scooters or bicycles are very expensive. However, they would not consider $36,000 in the car. This is the average cost of a car in the United States, excluding insurance, taxes, fuel and maintenance costs. When we break down prices, keep these costs in mind.

The cost of electric scooters and bicycles

Whether it’s a scooter or a bicycle, you can find models on the Internet for as little as $100. I suggest you stay away from these because they will not last and will fail quickly. They will be a wrong investment to see if you like riding an electric scooter or bicycle to work.
It would be better to try an employment plan. Many cities now have electric scooters and bicycle versions. If you do not have a local rental plan, please try to see if you have a friend who can lend it to you. The hardest part of commuting with an electric scooter or bicycle is doing it for the first time.

When we analyzed the price of electric scooters in the previous article, we found that the market for electric scooters tends to slow down around $500. Since the price range of 350-400 USD is competitive, we think this is the best value point for buying an electric scooter.
In the field of bicycles, we found that good hybrids cost between US$350 and US$500. We choose hybrid vehicles as a good choice for commuting because they are usually sturdy and durable, with mudguards, comfortable tires and good gears. All that you want when commuting.
The next cost we recommend for both is helmets. Urban-style bicycle helmets are suitable for both, and can protect your head from accidents. We like the Giro Sutton MIPS helmet. It is suitable for bicycles and scooters and costs about $100. 100 dollars seems a lot for a helmet. This $100 may be the difference between going to work or paying some hospital bills.

Get matching outfits

With a bicycle, you will most likely need padded shorts. If you want, you can wear them in more reasonable clothes. We know that many people feel uncomfortable with bicycle shorts. Shorts can distinguish a bad commute from a pleasant commute. We will buy a pair at around $30. We will suggest several pairs so that you can wear clean ones.
Another expense you may want to consider is waterproof clothing. Since you can use the same waterproof jacket and pants on the electric scooter and bicycle, we can call it a scoring tie. We found a waterproof jacket and pants suit for $50 on Amazon. You don’t need a bike-specific one, because you should have already purchased bike shorts.
You also need to consider the power of electric scooters. We have calculated a cost of approximately $12 per year. If you can plug it in and charge it while you are working, it will obviously be cheaper. If you can, you can even find a solar charger for your electric scooter, try to save on your household bills.

Traditional Bike

Get service

Maintaining a bottle of chain lubricant for an electric scooter should cost about $15. You can use it to ensure that your chains and cables are in good working condition. For bicycles, we might look for between 50-100 dollars. The price depends on your own maintenance every week. $50-100 for the annual service of the bike shop. Unless you have enough confidence to do it yourself.
If you don’t buy any accessories, we calculate that if you own an electric scooter for more than two years, then if you commute 10 miles, the cost per mile is 9 cents, which is about $212 per year, including the purchase of skateboards vehicle.
We also found that the average selling price of a bicycle is $308. A bicycle is expected to last for five years, and an electric scooter can be used for two years. Both of these options are much cheaper than cars. It is expected that the annual mileage of cars will be higher than that of electric scooters. Their average cost is 57 cents per mile.
Since your inquiry, the average annual cost of a car has been $8,469.

Range of electric scooters and bicycles

Your bike will have as much mileage as possible. This could mean anywhere between a 1 mile commute or “to hell to work today”. Therefore, after driving 18,000 miles, you may decide to stop burning calories. 18,000 miles may seem spontaneous, but the only way to determine the mileage of your bike is if you are willing to suffer.
The electric scooter can usually be used for about 10 miles before you need to recharge the battery. This is why we believe that commuting under 5 miles is currently the best choice for electric scooters. When the battery runs out, you can still use the electric scooter, so don’t be afraid.
Some electric scooters can travel more than 10 miles, but they are usually more expensive due to the high battery price. Read more about the electric scooter series in this article.

How much effort?

It can be said with certainty that electric scooters are much less labor-saving than riding a bicycle. The hardest thing may be putting on your backpack. Unless one day you forget to charge your scooter. Then you will struggle to move around, although you can fold the scooter and take it to the bus, but this will incur additional costs.
Unless your route is very flat and downwind, cycling requires effort. In this case, you are lucky. You can take time to understand your gear so you can reduce the workload of cycling.
You don’t want to be low-grade or over-grade. Even if you don’t realize it, both will make you put in extra effort. If your legs feel like they are flying away from your legs, your legs should spin well because your gear may be too low. If they feel that you have to jump on the pedals to depress them, then your gear is too high.

Getting better and better

So bicycles will make you healthier, and electric scooters will save you time and energy. Only you and your own life goals can decide which one is your top priority. Both will not leave harmful fumes behind you.
Here we can think about how electric scooters integrate the advantages of cars and bicycles. You have the same engine as a car, so you don’t have to be as hot and sweaty as riding a bicycle. Just like riding a bicycle, you can cross traffic or follow a route without congestion. You don’t have to sit there and be frustrated with traffic like in a car. You have freedom. After all, who doesn’t like freedom?
There is another advantage. Your bike will most likely need to be locked outside of work. Your electric scooter can be folded up and safely hidden in the small space of your workplace. Then you will never have the feeling of sinking, and you can only see the space where your bike is when you go out.

How long does it take for a bicycle or electric scooter to commute to work?

The speed of an electric scooter with a price between 350-500 US dollars is about 10 mph. So if you commute for 5 miles, we can reasonably expect you to be at work within 30 minutes, unless you stop for a cup of coffee, after all, why not?
Bicycles are great for calculating how long it will take you to reach any place. I found that people here tend to fall into two camps. Some of us will tell you that they can ride effortlessly at 30 mph, while others think they can only ride at 5 mph.
Both will go wrong. The biggest factor will be your health and your commute distance. The good news is that the more times you ride your bike, the better your health and the faster your commute. On average, although novices can see speeds of about 10 mph, we hope to reach an average of about 15 mph.
If you insist on cycling and become a road cyclist, we expect the speed to climb to 20 mph. The problem with reaching 20 mph is that you will use more energy and energy, and you may sweat profusely when you first arrive at work. Between 10 and 15 mph, you should feel refreshed at work and ready for the upcoming day, but it may not be your first attempt at commuting.
However, compared to using an electric scooter, you may still sweat. If you don’t have a shower at work, then an electric scooter may be the perfect sustainable transportation concept. If you have a shower at work, cycling may be a better idea.

Electric Scooter

What is my local law?

One thing you must remember and check is your local law. Bicycles should have clear rules about where you can ride, where you can’t ride, and whether you need to wear a helmet. People will also take care to avoid riding bicycles.
Electric scooters are the new world, and the law is trying to catch up. Some cities have completely banned them until they figure out what to do, and then enact legislation that allows the use of electric scooters. For example, in Singapore, you can ride an electric scooter anywhere, but only if you already have a driving license. You may find that they are allowed on some bike lanes and not on others, so be sure to check the signs.
One of the more interesting aspects of riding electric scooters today is that people don’t want to see them. This prevents them from seeing you on a path. Since electric scooters do not yet exist, you do not exist. The best way is not to alienate these people, because this will lead to the banning of electric scooters, please always be polite and courteous.
An interesting fact is that some people report that they are more willing to comply with the traffic laws of electric scooters than riding a bicycle. The reason is simple, on the bike you push it; you don’t want to give up the motivation you strive for. On an electric scooter, you are more likely to stop or slow down by just pressing the throttle button.
Always comply with your local laws.
in conclusion
Now you know the ins and outs and differences between electric scooters and bicycles. As you can see, both will become a good sustainable transportation method. I personally choose electric scooters for short commutes and bicycles for long commutes.
The wonderful thing is that you can ignore me completely and buy whatever you want, knowing that you are doing the earth a favor.

If you interest in our electric scooter and have any other questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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