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Electric scooters and kick scooters: which is better

Electric scooters and kick scooters: which is better?

Electric scooters
Are you looking for a more exciting way to visit the town? The answer may be just to get a scooter. When you were a child, you probably ridden kick scooters, but there are also electric scooters on the market now. You might be thinking-am I too old for a scooter? The answer is no.
The main question now is, which one do you choose? We will explain everything about pedal scooters and electric scooters so you can determine which one is best for you.

What is a scooter?

A manual scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle with handlebars and a platform for feet. This kind of scooter requires a person to push off the ground with one foot to power it. Scooters are easier to ride than bicycles, and they are very fun. There are scooters designed for children, but you can also find many scooters designed for adults.

What is an electric scooter?

From the outside, electric scooters look very similar to pedal scooters, but have additional functions. The electric scooter is battery powered, so the speed is determined by using the accelerator to accelerate. The maximum speed may vary by model, but the rider does not need leg exercises. However, if the battery of the electric scooter runs out, you will not be able to continue riding manually.

Due to the electrical components inside electric scooters, they tend to be heavier than ordinary scooters. However, as technology advances, manufacturers are looking for new ways to make lighter frames.

What are the advantages of scooters?

A scooter is a great way to get outdoors, especially if your work requires you to sit at your desk most of the day. Below we outline some of the main advantages of riding a bicycle.

Short commute
Long-distance travel by bicycle is not ideal, because it does require leg exercises. However, for short trips to shops or bus stops, scooters are much faster than walking. That is, if you really need to travel long distances, you can simply fold the scooter and carry it with you on public transportation until you can use it again

Environmentally friendly
Kick scooters are completely environmentally friendly because they do not produce any emissions. Although electric scooters are much better for the environment than gas-hungry cars, they still require a certain level of energy to charge and run. The only energy kicking the scooter requires the endurance and fitness ability of the rider to propel the scooter along the road.

Health and fitness
Wasting gym membership due to time constraints? Maybe it’s time to try riding a bicycle to work. Adults should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, but sitting in front of a computer all day can be challenging.

In addition to balancing work, family, study, and various other duties, physical exercise is often listed as a priority. This is why cycling to work is an easy way to do daily exercise without thinking.

Kicking a scooter may not seem to exercise you well, but you will be surprised at how painful your legs are after a long ride. By stabilizing yourself while riding a scooter, you can not only exercise your thigh and buttocks muscles, but also strengthen your core strength.

Easy to ride
Anyone can ride a bicycle. Although it may be a good idea to practice on a quiet street before approaching the car, most people will quickly grasp the trick.

Electric scooters

What are the advantages of electric scooters?

Electric scooters make it easy for people to commute to and from get off work. Many cities are experimenting with electric scooter sharing programs, which are becoming more and more popular, and some governments encourage people to switch their cars to electric vehicles such as electric scooters. The following are some of the main advantages of electric scooters.

There are many foldable electric scooters on the market. This is very useful when the electric scooters need to go up stairs or take public transportation. Although bicycles need to be tied outside, electric scooters can simply be pushed into the building and folded.

People who leave their bicycles on the street are at risk of being stolen, and electric scooters can be easily stored under a table or against a wall. The Raine One electric scooter weighs only 15 kg (33 lb), so it can be transported from home, train and office to office very easily.

When studying different brands, the safety features of electric scooters should be the main consideration. Compared with pedal scooters, electric scooters have excellent braking and lighting because they can travel at higher speeds. Electric scooters usually have front and rear brakes, and tires with good traction, so the rider can brake faster and have better stability.

Electric scooters, such as Raine One, have an ABS braking system and LED lights, so the rider is visible in the dark.

Compared with bicycles, one of the main advantages of electric scooters is its speed. Although pedal scooters are limited to a person’s ability to push themselves forward, electric scooters have powerful motors, and some electric scooters can reach speeds of 50 km/h (31 mph) or higher.

If you are looking for a fast electric scooter, it is important to check not only the motor power, but also its cruising range. It’s great to have a fast electric scooter, but if it has a range of only 10 kilometers, you need to charge it regularly.

Looking for an easy way to commute to get off work? Electric scooters require little riders to do. On a scooter, people have to push the scooter forward, but on an electric scooter, they only need to use the accelerator. This makes cycling to work a comfortable experience. Look for an electric scooter equipped with high-quality tires and suspension, as this will have less impact on your body when crossing the road bumps.

Some electric scooters, such as Raine One, even have heated handlebars. In order to get the maximum comfort in the colder months, you can consider buying some electric scooter gloves.

How do you charge electric scooters?

The electric scooter will have an indicator to show that the battery is low. It is best to charge the battery before it is completely depleted, as this will affect the battery life.

Different electric scooter models are charged in different ways. Some models require removing the battery from the body of the scooter and inserting it into the charger. Newer models have a built-in battery, so you can plug the power cord directly into the scooter and charge it this way.

If you are not sure how to charge your electric scooter, please check the accompanying manual.

Is the scooter suitable for commuting?

As long as you feel safe and confident when riding a bicycle to work, then it is a great way to commute. Riding a scooter is about four times faster than walking, so it can save you a lot of time. Many larger cities also have bicycle lanes separate from main roads, so you can safely stay away from traffic.

If you live far away and cannot ride the scooter all the way, you can easily fold the scooter and bring it to public transportation. After getting off the bus or train, you can still ride a scooter.

Should I ride a bicycle to work?

Riding a bicycle to get off work is a good way to exercise. Especially after a stressful day, the last thing you may want to think about is work, and riding a scooter is a good way to forget it.

If you take public transportation to work, the cost may start to increase. Riding a scooter is completely free, and you can leave it next to your desk during the day.

How far can you commute by bike?

It depends on how suitable you are. Some people can ride 20 kilometers (12 miles) without fatigue, while others may only be able to drive 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) at the start.

It is best to start with a short trip and then gradually increase the long trip, because your leg muscles will be sore the next day.

The type of terrain you ride will also determine how far you can ride. A flat, level road is easier to cross than an uphill.

kick scooters

Are electric scooters suitable for commuting?

Electric scooters are great for commuting because you can zip up the zipper effortlessly. If you meet a friend and are late, you can ride an electric scooter much faster than walking.

For people living in big cities, driving can be painful because you are often blocked on the road. Electric scooters for commuting are the perfect solution for efficient travel.

Should I ride an electric scooter to work?

Many people see light electric vehicles as the answer to the problem of congestion in cities around the world. For people living in the city center, driving to work is meaningless because it is difficult to find parking spaces, parking fees are expensive, and public transportation is usually faster.

An ordinary electric scooter can travel at a speed of 20-30 kilometers per hour (12.4-18.6 miles per hour), making it a more effective way to work. Public transportation can also be very crowded during peak hours, and on electric scooters, there is plenty of space around you.

How far can you commute on an electric scooter?

It depends on the range of your electric scooter. If you are going to travel a long distance, a remote electric scooter is very suitable. The Raine One electric scooter has a cruising range of 40 kilometers (24.8 miles). Keep the charger at work so that your electric scooter can be charged during the day and be ready when you get home.

Can you use an electric scooter as a scooter?

Electric scooters are not suitable for manual operation. If the battery of your electric scooter is dead, it is best to take public transportation or a taxi home.

There are some electric scooters that can be used manually, but this is impractical, will quickly exhaust you, and often runs counter to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Is a scooter or an electric scooter safer?

Electric scooters are much faster than bicycles, but they usually have better safety features that can ensure the safety of the rider during the day and night. This boils down to the possibility of the rider’s adventure. Both pedal scooters and electric scooters can be safely ridden.

Compared with scooters, cars are much more harmful to scooters because they are larger and more powerful. The most important thing is to always wear a helmet and pay attention to what happens on the road.

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