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Everything you need to know about riding scooter

Everything you need to know about riding scooter

riding scooter

In big cities, electric scooters are becoming a standard and recognized means of transportation. This situation has also spread to rural areas and mountainous areas, where scooters have become a solution and a sport. But do they pose a risk to personal safety? Was the accident the fault of the electric scooter or the rider? What factors will affect the accident? What are the possible solutions that can reduce your chance of an accident? Found in this article about riding scooter.

What defines the safe travel of scooters?

We need to make this clear, we are not talking about bicycles (electric or non-electric) or motorcycles/mopeds. Scooters deserve special attention to understand their challenges, problems, and benefits. Therefore, when talking about your safety, the first thing to know is that riding an electric scooter is different from another means of transportation. One of the main failures of driving an electric scooter is that people think they know how to drive an electric scooter because they have used a motorcycle or bicycle, or because they have used a bicycle when they were young. Do you understand what we mean? They are different!

Safe riding scooter 

First of all, to make the electric scooter safe, every component of it needs to be in good working condition. From there, the highest responsibility falls on the rider. Speed ​​is another important factor, because many people exceed the speed limit without realizing it. So when these riders have a terrible accident, is it the fault of the electric scooter or the rider? Then, there are some drivers who use their scooters on the sidewalk, and when they make a sharp turn on the road to avoid pedestrians, it will cause a crash and hit a pedestrian or a car. If people who drive scooters realize and learn from the mistakes of others (and sometimes their own), there are solutions to all these situations, then the world of electric scooters will become safer. However, there are other factors to consider.

What are the main injuries in scooter accidents?

Injuries can happen every day, even when walking, running, biking, and driving. Therefore, electric scooters may also have accidents. Fractures, head injuries, bruises and lacerations are some of the most common scooter-related injuries. The number of accidents on or by electric scooters has increased, but this is related to the increase in the number of accidents on the road-the same correlation has occurred with cars. The most common fractures are nose, skull and neck. This data is the conclusion of research conducted by different university departments and ENT specialists. The survey collected data from a sample of American hospitals and made estimates from there at the federal level.

As with any serious injury, the situation will be more serious if the victim is a vulnerable group, such as a child or the elderly. In addition, if more than one injury occurs, recovery may be complicated. Many scooter users are children, and they sometimes think that electric scooter is a game, so more spectacular accidents may occur. With more federal controls and new legislation mandating the use of helmets and other safety features, people who use electric scooters will be more likely to avoid scooter-related injuries.

Does the scooter ride seem to be slow?

Have you ever ridden an electric scooter and feel that you are driving very slowly, so you decide to accelerate? There are several explanations for this. When you ride a bicycle, you will expend a lot of physical energy to gain speed, and less effort is a slower speed. This gives you a sense of danger that is directly related to the effort you put in. Since electric scooters have motors, there is not much physical strength required to obtain fast speeds, so your body is not always associated with danger.

Wanting faster and faster is an innate desire for most of us, but we always recommend that scooter riders stay within the speed limit and take safety precautions to avoid scooter-related injuries.

What is the relationship between safety and whether to rent or buy a scooter?

If the safety issue of an electric scooter is related to its rider, what is the difference between buying or renting an electric scooter? The relationship between the scooter user and the scooter greatly affects the possible accidents. For many people, an electric scooter is a means of transportation for a specific reason or season. If it is not your own electric scooter, you are often not so careful. I believe some of you will be very clear that when someone borrows something from you, they don’t always respect it like you do.

Rented electric scooters may not get the respect they deserve, especially if there is no collection/drop-off point. They are abandoned on the side of the road or on the bike lane, wherever the scooter rider thinks they no longer need it. The next person will pick it up and ride a bike, or the “charger” will collect it to charge it overnight. This does not always keep them in their best condition.

People who are new to electric scooters and may have never ridden an electric scooter before are more likely to use a rented electric scooter rather than a purchased one. This increased the number of accidents, most of which occurred on rented electric scooters, causing injuries to riders.

These rental electric scooters use apps for riders to unlock and ride away. We believe that before unlocking electric scooters (especially for first-time riders), a short educational video on safety issues should be played. This may include instructions, the importance of helmet use, elbow pads, driving skills, and emergency protocols if you encounter a furry situation on an electric scooter. Scooter users who buy their own electric scooters have a manual covering these topics. Do you think this helps to make rental electric scooters safer?

riding scooter

What are the benefits of buying a scooter?

When you know that your hard-earned money has given you what you have always wanted, nothing feels like a sense of belonging. Having an electric scooter in the garage at home, or easily stored in the corridor of your apartment, is a great feeling for many people. As we all know, electric scooters are becoming a daily ecological transportation tool for millions of scooter users. Although maintenance and electricity costs may be higher than walking, there are many advantages to owning your own electric scooter.

Reliability is one. As mentioned earlier, since there is no designated collection or drop-off point for renting an electric scooter, it is not always a viable option to place it nearby when you need it. This becomes more and more important when considering using electric scooters as part of your commute-you need to know that you can get to work on time. Check out our article focusing on commuting and different modes of transportation here: the best commuter electric scooters and everything else

A serious electric scooter rider can detect any minimal fault on the electric scooter in a very short time. Just like any electric car, parts wear and breakdown may occur over time, but the responsibility for keeping the electric scooter in its best condition and minimizing the risk of injury to the scooter falls on the scooter rider. superior. The most important aspect that a rider who buys an electric scooter needs to consider is to allow practice, so more skills and safety awareness are required. You know what they say, and you don’t know how to drive a car completely until you pass the test. This is the same for electric scooters, driving/riding is a practice problem. If there are many riders who do not possess these skills when driving electric scooters, the risk of scooter accidents will increase.

What rules should I follow when riding a scooter?

Traffic rules usually apply to many laws for electric scooters. As we all know, these rules usually vary by state and country. However, any rules when using electric scooters are a combination of mandatory regulations made by different types of governments and your own common sense. This happens because in many cases, the rules are not entirely clear, but common sense allows you to determine what the safest option is.

The first task you really do is to become familiar with the rules of the road and respect them. Remember, the scooter is designed to be driven by only one person, please do not ride!

Some areas have designated parking areas for electric scooters and do not like riders to leave them at the door or in the middle of the sidewalk. Know the location of these areas.

You are responsible when driving fast, so you should follow any rules, laws or recommendations while respecting other drivers and pedestrians. From there, your experience with electric scooters will become simpler and easier to manage, because driving an electric scooter is easy, but it must be done wisely.

riding scooter

How to learn to ride a scooter safely?

As a child, you undoubtedly learned to ride a bicycle. To do this, you will most likely have to fall multiple times to control your balance. If you have not been riding a bicycle for many years, you may have to practice again to regain confidence. Then, when your puberty is over, you may start to learn how to drive. Not only learning driving behavior, but also learning how to drive safely is part of your gaining knowledge and confidence.

To learn to ride an electric scooter, all you need is time. You cannot start driving an electric scooter professionally right away. You must start to learn how this car works and its characteristics in order to drive it safely. Through practice, you can acquire a lot of skills for driving an electric scooter, so you can avoid scooter accidents caused by inexperienced or irresponsible scooter drivers.

To learn how to ride an electric scooter, you can adjust some methods. Although most initiatives are self-taught and based on the knowledge of drivers who have previously driven cars and bicycles, this is not always the case. On the Internet, there are many tutorial blogs and videos to help you, as well as a complete guide that can clarify your doubts. In big cities, there are different personalized services, so you can become the safest scooter driver and eventually become a professional behind the handlebars.

The scooter is beautiful, practical and efficient. They are designed to be safe, but recently they have become the target of many serious scooter accidents. That can’t happen all the time. The responsibility lies with the riders, who do not have the skills to drive the scooter well, which leads to accidents. Scooter companies rent electric scooters without checking user knowledge, but still allow anyone to rent them. There is also a great responsibility because they think that drivers know how to drive scooters, and they are often wrong.

However, in these accidents, the state is also responsible and must require the use of helmets and new safety measures to protect the scooter rider and the entire environment. Scooter safety is an unresolved task, but with responsibility and wisdom, electric scooters can be the answer to your prayers.

If you want to know how the motor works with other parts in the electric scooter, please view the full guide here.

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