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How to lock an electric scooter for beginners

How to lock an electric scooter for beginners

How to lock an electric scooter

If you own a scooter and like it, then you must do your best to protect it. We often ride scooters to work or complete random errands. After arriving at the destination or a short break, we leave the scooters in the parking lot or leave them outside. Well, that does not guarantee the safety of the electric scooter! So, the article will tell you how to lock an electric scooter.

Such as ‘what if it’s stolen? What if someone greedily stares at my only means of transportation? “It comes to our minds at these times. Therefore, if we want to ensure that our scooters are safe and reliable, we must properly lock our scooters.

The lock can be an important accessory to ensure the safety of your scooter. Every scooter owner must have at least one lock for their moped. In this article, we will learn about five necessary locks, their functions and how to use them to protect your scooter. In addition, we will learn about some important safety tips to prevent our scooters from being stolen. Well, let’s stop wasting time and jump into some effective locks and safety measures for locking the scooter. Remember this sentence, “It’s better to be safe than regret!”

Type of lock

Different types of scooter locks are designed in different ways based on safety and convenience. Before choosing a lock for your scooter, carefully consider your preferences before making your choice!


One of the safest lock types for scooters is the D-lock or U-lock. Used as shackles, these D-locks are made of hardened steel. They can be fixed to the scooter with solid objects

They are durable because they can only be cut with powerful bolt cutters or power tools, which are not always used by thieves. However, a significant disadvantage of these locks is that they are not as portable as chain locks or cuff locks.

How to lock the scooter with U-lock

First, you must select an immovable object and lock your scooter along the object. A perfect example of such an immovable object is a metal bicycle rack. However, if you avoid locking the scooter with wooden posts or chain-link fences, it will help, as these are not suitable immovable objects.

Now it is time to connect your lock to the scooter. Don’t mistakenly install the lock only on the wheel of the scooter. Why? This is because the thief can remove the wheel and take the rest of the scooter. Therefore, please connect your central lock to the frame of the moped. It is recommended that you use multiple locks. One can be fixed to the frame, and the other can be tied with wheels.

Keep the lock off the ground and place it inside the moped.

The steps mentioned are essential. Here are some different ways to lock a scooter with a U-lock. You can choose any method you like.

the first method

Use a single U lock. Fix the buckle on the rear triangle, rear wheel and immovable objects of the frame.

The second method

For more security, you can use another U lock. This time, install the second one on the rear wheel, bicycle frame, and immovable objects.

The third method

You can apply another method. However, this method can only be applied if your scooter has quick release wheels. So this is what you have to do. First, remove the front wheel. Then wrap the lock on the immovable object and the scooter frame. Now, deploy the lock to secure the front wheel (removed) to the rear wheel.

How to lock an electric scooter

Disc lock

A significant advantage of using disc locks is that they keep the scooters in a fixed position and will not allow them to be moved or pushed away. We can connect the disc lock to the brake (front disc and rear disc). The disc lock is also very versatile, because you can also fix it with the front wheels!

The thief will not be able to leave the scooter because the disc lock is compact and sturdy, so it is very difficult even if someone moves an inch.

Another advantage of this disc lock is that it uses a waterproof design. Therefore, on rainy days, we can use the disc lock to lock our scooters, guess what are the benefits? Will not rust at all!

What makes this lock durable? The steel alloy it uses is not easy to cut, making it very durable! However, there is still a disadvantage: some scooters are still very light and can be carried with you and taken with the lock!

How to lock the scooter with disc lock

It is recommended to use multiple disc locks and connect them to each scooter disc. If this is done, no thief can drive the scooter away.

However, the thief can easily take your scooter locked with the disc lock to the truck, so is there any way to solve this problem? Look for fixed, immovable objects, such as poles or bicycle racks. Then use a sturdy chain lock or U-shaped lock and a high-quality disc lock to connect the scooter to the object.

You can use another method, which is a combination of disc lock and U lock. Fix the cock lock to the center of one of the wheels and rotors to be captured. As mentioned above, attach the U-shaped lock to the main body, the rear wheel and the immovable objects. In this way, the thief can neither lift your scooter nor roll or push it away. everything is fine.

Be sure to remove the disc lock before driving. Otherwise, it may damage the braking system or accidentally fall, as shown in this video. So, to remind yourself to move these disc locks before driving, what you can do is to connect these disc locks to the handlebars using bright cables.

Chain lock

The most significant advantage of these types of locks is that they will not be broken or bent

A padlock or key lock with a chain can be wrapped around a scooter wheel along a strong structure, which helps to secure the scooter to a reliable and strong object. They are very heavy and cannot be carried with you. Bolt crops or sledgehammers can defeat them.

How to lock the scooter with a chain lock

First park your scooter in a crowded public place.

You must get a very tight chain lock so that the angle grinder attack can be defeated.

Put the chain and padlock on the ground, otherwise the thief can break the padlock with a sledgehammer.

The above steps must be followed. Regarding how to lock the scooter with a chain lock, the following two methods are suggested:

the first method

Hang the padlock on the rear brake or the front brake and do the same with the chain. This should be done so that the thief cannot open the lock.

To prevent the thief from breaking the steering lock and pushing the scooter away, use the chain lock through the rear wheels instead of the front wheels because it can be removed. Tighten the lock to an immovable object

You can also pass the chain through the bicycle frame and rear wheel.

You can use another method, which is a combination of U-shaped lock and A-chain lock. First, as always, fix the U-shaped lock around the frame, the animal body and the rear wheel. The chain should also be tightened around immovable objects, reputation and the front wheels. This will provide additional security because chain locks are more difficult to crack than U locks.

The second method

Another very good way to secure mopeds is to use ground anchors and chain locks. The ground anchor is fixed on the floor or wall, and the chain lock can be connected from the ground anchor to the wheel of the scooter.

Cable lock

They usually come with a key and core or key locking mechanism, you have to enter a combination of numbers to open the lock! Very efficient, right?

One of the advantages of cable locks is that they are easy to fix on a solid surface. This is because the locks are long and flexible, allowing them to be easily attached to the concrete surface. Therefore, we can use these cable locks to secure our scooter to a solid object! Looks very convenient, right? They are very light and easy to keep clean.

Cable locks are very cheap and are a common locking material. One disadvantage of these cable locks is that even if the lock cables are made of stronger materials, such as hardened steel, they can be cut with angle grinders, using standard tools for thieves to steal motorcycles or bicycles.

How to lock the scooter with the cable lock

Find a crowded public place.

Obtain an immovable object like a sturdy pole.

There are two different ways to lock the scooter with the cable lock:

the first method

The lock is long enough to be fastened to the back of the scooter. Extend the cable lock wire from around the fixed object, and then reach the front wheel. Then instill the lock.

The second method

There is another method; a combination of cable lock and U-shaped lock. Install U-shaped locks around the rear wheels, frame and immovable objects. One end of the cable must pass through the front wheel, then loop it twice and secure the first ring to the central lock.

How to lock an electric scooter

Grip lock

These grip locks pull the brake lever and secure the handlebars. These are cheap. They prevent the scooter from being moved or pushed away. They are easy to install. Simple tools can easily defeat them. The thief can easily take the scooter away with the handle lock.

How to lock the scooter with the grip lock

Use it only as an additional safety lock.

Unlock the handle lock, pull the brake lever, push it into the handle lock and adjust on the handbrake. Now the brake lever has been tightened. So it is almost impossible for a thief to drive it away.

However, it cannot ensure complete safety. Use it in combination with a disc brake or U-Lock.

The deadly combination of locks

Ground anchor, chain lock and disc lock. The ground anchor will serve as an immovable object to fix the scooter. The chain lock will help create the locking mechanism by connecting it to the ground anchor. The disc lock will be an additional safety measure, because even if the thief manages to break the chain, he cannot leave the bicycle because

Lock skewers or cables, U-shaped locks and immovable objects. When you have to secure the U-lock from the frame to an immovable object, the cable lock will secure both locks.

safety warning

One of the main reasons to lock a scooter is to prevent it from being stolen. Well, here are some safety tips and tricks, you can follow these tips and tricks to maintain strong security!

To prevent thieves from taking extra safety measures, you should activate the steering lock and use one of the ignition locks mentioned above.

Using two different locks is one of the measures you can take, which can confuse thieves. In addition, if you fasten the scooter to a solid structure, the intruder will not be able to carry it.

You must install the lock through the frame or front fork or wheels. It is recommended not to put the lock on the ground!

Even in the garage, keep your scooter locked!

If you want to set up a solid barrier for intruders, connect a kill switch or spring-loaded switch, which must be held down when the start button is pressed.

Park your scooter in a well-lit place, especially in a crowded place with CCTV coverage.

Lock your bicycle to a fixed and sturdy object.

Setting up a noisy alarm system with your lock is the best move you can make!

If you can’t make up for the cost of the alarm, fool the bad guys by pasting “alarm installed”.

Watch out for your back, and don’t let creepy stalkers follow you when you are riding your scooter.

The less people see your scooter, the less likely it is for a thief to notice it; therefore, it is recommended to cover your scooter every time it is resting or parked.

Important locking techniques and techniques

Don’t mistakenly install the lock only on the wheel of the scooter. Why? This is because the thief can remove the wheel and take the rest of the scooter. Therefore, please connect your central lock to the frame of the moped. It is recommended that you use multiple locks.

No matter what lock you use, make sure to use a small lock. Use the smallest D lock or the shortest cable lock or chain lock. If the lock is long or large, the thief can insert a tool between the scooter and the lock.

Make sure the lock is off the ground.

Always make sure to use a chain or U-shaped lock to secure your scooter to a sturdy or immovable object.

You can use an alarm system or GPS tracker.

In conclusion

Now we know what we can do to ensure the safety of our scooters. We have learned about the functions of the 5 basic locks and the methods we can use to lock the scooter. Therefore, from next time on, whenever we park the scooter, we will not feel nervous because the lock will do the whole job. You have to do some hard work to set the lock correctly as described above.

If you want to know how the motor works with other parts in the electric scooter, please view the full guide here.

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