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How to make electric scooter faster

How to make electric scooter faster? Here are some quick tips!

How to make electric scooter faster

If you want an economical ride that is both fun and relatively simple, buy an electric scooter and go! In addition, if you use the right techniques, you can make your electric scooter go very fast. But the question is: how to make electric scooter faster? Is there any way to increase the speed of electric scooters? This is exactly what we want to know. Let’s jump in directly!

Simple tricks to increase the speed of electric scooters

If you want to increase the speed of an electric scooter, please do the following:

First, remove the speed limiter of the scooter

It’s worth noting that your electric scooter can reach a higher top speed than you think; it’s just that you may not know it! Why is this happening? Simple: The electric scooter comes with a built-in embedded (and hidden) speed limiter. Many people find this interesting; why should gadgets be fixed in the system so carefully? What is its function? Why is it there?

Well, it’s nice to know; the manufacturers of electric scooters have fixed this speed limiter because most countries have enacted laws that prohibit these machines from reaching higher limits. This means that the speed limiter exists to prevent the machine from reaching its limit. Therefore, if you want to run at full speed, the solution is simple; remove the built-in speed limiter.

Remember, every scooter is different in nature. Therefore, you need to use a different method to achieve this. In general, if your car uses a DC drive motor, it is only a transmission system for the drive wheels positioned on the sensor. This small device displays the rotational speed of the drive wheels; it then sends a signal to the processor to limit the maximum speed of the scooter.

You need to understand how the speed limit system works. First, your scooter has sensors that control the accumulated speed of the pedals and the drive. The speed limiter is generally adjusted by a built-in motor computer and electronic sensors. The signal is then sent to the computer to limit the output of the motor and keep the machine running at a lower speed.

In short, we must make the computer feel that we are driving at a lower speed when in fact we are driving at a higher speed. How did you do? Place an electronic device between the sensor and the computer. Or, change the magnet in the sensor. This will prevent the sensor from reading the actual speed; yes, it will produce erroneous readings. Therefore, when you are driving at a higher speed, the sensor will read that you are driving at a lower speed. In this way, the speed limit stops and your scooter will travel at maximum speed. This is how to make your electric scooter move faster.

When you remove the speed limiter of the scooter, you are likely to get injured. In addition, the battery of the machine will drain faster. Generally, if your scooter is designed with a brushless DC motor, it will usually reach its speed limit through an oscillator. To remove it, you must have a deep understanding of the software.

Modify the firmware

The original firmware of some scooters has been modified by other users. Download the modified version-this will increase the speed of the scooter. When the constant power of the motor is increased, more torque and higher speed are usually obtained.

Be careful-if you live in a hot area, you should use the app to carefully monitor the temperature of the scooter. Once the constant power of the motor is increased, the temperature of the scooter will rise. This can be a problem in the summer, especially when you push the scooter to the limit on a steep slope.

Upgrade existing battery

The battery and motor power determine the speed of the scooter. The voltage of these batteries is usually 24-48 volts. The voltage varies by model. However, 24 volt batteries are commonly used in most devices. You just need to replace the current battery with a better version. In fact, if you want more powerful charging to help you push your vehicle to maximum speed, you should make sure you have a powerful battery.

However, you must be cautious. This is a complicated process, and in case something goes wrong, it may damage or damage your scooter. Why? After replacing the battery, you may not know whether the speed of the scooter will really increase or whether the machine will be burned. If the 24 volt battery is replaced with a 48 volt battery, it may overload the controller. This may eventually burn your precious scooter! You will eventually destroy the machine, not increase its speed!

What is the solution? Just connect the battery to the motor and remove the controller. Or, reprogram your equipment to provide more voltage to the engine. Again, be careful. Unless you use some technical skills, you may lose your scooter while trying to make it faster.

How to make electric scooter faster

Add another battery

Have you noticed that your scooter is usually faster at the beginning of the ride than during the ride? This happens when the battery of the machine is exhausted. This is a normal process.

The solution to this problem is simple: just add an extra battery and you can maintain a high scooter speed for a long time. Some scooter models even have a slot for additional batteries.

If this is the case, you only need to connect two batteries to provide large-capacity power to the machine. Compared with the previous option, this is much safer. Instead of messing up the battery, you will power the vehicle by adding another source of energy.

Please note that there are some disadvantages. On the one hand, when you try to carry a scooter, it may become heavier and less mobile. It also takes longer to reach full charge.

Add two more batteries

By adding two more batteries to the existing battery, you can make your scooter run faster and travel longer distances without recharging. But this will be more difficult to achieve. Yes, it will be more difficult to connect three batteries together. The scooter will also become heavier and the suspension area will be overworked. Please think twice before choosing this option.

Replace sprocket

If you want to travel more miles per hour, try the following: change the size of the sprocket. how? Change the front sprocket to be longer and the rear sprocket to be shorter. This simple trick will increase the speed of the machine. In addition, since you can buy sprockets cheaply, you can do this without spending too much money. However, you need some technical knowledge to do this without asking for help.

Rewind motorHow to make electric scooter faster

Whenever the motor overheats, it is beneficial to rewind the motor. When overheated, the coil usually becomes shorter. In order to obtain better torque, you must add windings. Once the motor coil winding is reduced, it will also reduce the torque and convert it to a higher RPM. Since this method is very effective in increasing the speed of electric scooters, many riders usually use it.

Beware! The process of doing this is a bit complicated. Therefore, you may need to hire a technician. Unless you do this, you may trigger a series of shortcuts that endanger your scooter and make costly mistakes. Yes, spend a little money to hire professionals-in the end, this will save your machine!

How fast is the adult electric scooter?

The speed limit for electric scooters made for adults is usually a maximum speed of 20 mph or 32 km/h. This is a restriction when driving on bicycle lanes. Nevertheless, some modern scooters can reach 30 mph (the maximum speed of a chairless electric scooter). To reach a speed of 30 miles per hour, you must buy a bicycle similar to a gasoline-powered scooter. These come with a seat and a frame to rest the feet.

How much speed can children’s electric scooters reach?

For children’s electric scooters, the average speed is 15 mph or 24 km/h. The maximum speed when driving on a single charge is 18 mph or 28 km/h. In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, the manufacturers of electric scooters have imposed great restrictions on the speed of children’s bicycles. In addition, most states in the United States have laws prohibiting such bicycles from driving at higher speeds.

Is 15 Mph (speed) too fast for an electric scooter?

Adults can easily control an electric scooter that travels at a speed of 15 mph. Even older teenagers—16 to 19 years old—can usually do this. However, please note that dozens of people usually like to ride faster-just for enjoyment. Therefore, parents should be careful when choosing bicycles for their children.

How to make electric scooter faster

How to determine the speed of an electric scooter by battery and motor power

Since electric scooters are classified as plug-in vehicles, their electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries. This provides power to the motor, which in turn accelerates the scooter. These components determine the overall electric speed.

The following are the recommended motor power parameters for electric scooters:

For children 6-9 years old-90 to 120 watts: average speed is 6 mph, maximum speed is 5 to 7.5 mph.

10-12 years old-250 watts: The average speed is 10 mph, and the maximum is 15 mph.

13 to 14 years old-250-350 watts: The average speed is 15 mph, and the top speed is 18 mph.

15 to 16 years old-350 to 500 watts: this is also ideal for adults under 90 kg. The average speed is 18 mph, and the top speed is 20 mph.

Adults-500 watts and above: The average speed is 20-25 mph, and the maximum speed is 28-30 mph.

The following are the general factors that determine bicycle speed:

Rider’s weight

If the rider is heavy, the scooter’s motor and battery will usually work harder to start the machine to maximum speed. Check the recommended weight limit at the time of purchase.

Tire pressure

Check the tire pressure, especially if your scooter is equipped with pneumatic tires. This is because tires that are too soft will obviously affect the mileage and speed of the scooter. When driving on rugged terrain, this type of tire cannot absorb shocks either.

Battery capacity

A battery with a larger capacity usually stores more power. Therefore, they have the ability to expand the range.

Terrain type

The best setting for electric scooters is usually on city roads. This is because roads usually have smooth surfaces. In addition, if there are hills, they are usually not so steep. But think about the dirt road in the countryside. As the tire sinks to the ground, the scooter will travel more slowly there. Of course, bumps and bumps will also affect the speed of the machine.

Enjoy the benefits of a faster electric scooter

There are many benefits to using an electric scooter. Compared with ordinary bicycles, you don’t need to park. You can even take it directly into the shopping mall! This is indeed a lovely way to travel. In addition, electric scooters are some of the cheapest means of transportation. Maintenance costs are usually the lowest. In the end, it uses one of the simplest forms of electricity-electricity.

Final thoughts

This may be the most exciting experience when you finally reach the top speed when riding your favorite electric scooter. But be careful. To prevent accidents, you must fully train yourself in standard safety procedures.

For example, try riding on a street or lane with fewer pedestrians and vehicles. This will help you gain confidence when cycling on busy city streets.

Maintain a speed limit of 20 mph on city streets and bike lanes. Wear a helmet and other protective equipment. It keeps you safe. Yes, please use the above tips to ensure safety when enjoying the riding fun of your favorite electric scooter.

If you interest in electric scooter and have any other questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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