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Tips for buying an electric scooter

Tips for buying an electric scooter

Tips for buying an electric scooter
If you are looking for a convenient way to quickly travel through towns while reducing carbon emissions, then buying an electric scooter or electric bicycle may be your best choice. These electric bicycles and scooters are very meaningful for the necessary short trips, especially considering the difficulty of maintaining social distancing in the public transportation system. To be clear, the equipment in this review list of electric scooters is completely different from the children’s scooters you may have grown up with. These are all legal electric vehicles, equipped with solid tires, complex braking systems, large battery packs, and capable of covering semi-rugged terrain. Therefore, we have compiled this beginner’s tips for buying an electric scooter and some electric scooter safety tips to help you make decisions and protect your riding safety.

You may have seen locals flying past you on electric scooters, maybe you think electric scooters are also very suitable for your commuting lifestyle.

After all, electric scooters are a convenient and fun way of environmentally friendly transportation. But with all the options, how do you choose a high-quality scooter that puts your safety first?

Things to consider when buying an electric scooter


If you don’t want to look like a child on a scooter, choose an electric scooter with elegant design features. Although the wiring of some scooters is messy, the stylish Shuangye S1 electric scooter packs everything in the handlebar.

All controls are at your fingertips, and the foldable design makes Shuangye S1 easy to carry and store. You can even customize the color of the scooter to suit your personal style. Although looking cool while riding may not be your top priority, it is definitely worth considering.


When choosing an electric scooter, you should consider the weight of the scooter, which will affect its portability and the weight limit of the rider. Think about your commute time and how much you can maintain a steady weight when going up and down stairs or taking a bus.

Shuangye is one of the lighter scooters on the market, weighing only 23-26.5 pounds, depending on the motor you choose. The S1 is designed for riders weighing less than 275 pounds.

Tips for buying an electric scooter

Mileage per charge

The battery life of an electric scooter affects how often you need to recharge it. If you travel a long distance with an electric scooter, you need to make sure that a full charge can at least get you where you need to go.

You also need to see how long it takes to charge the scooter and the portability of the battery pack. Shuangye S1 has a cruising range of 15.5 miles, and it only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Maximum speed

How fast do you want to go, speed devil? Be sure to choose a scooter that can keep up with you, but also consider weather conditions and safety when answering this question. Most electric scooters have a top speed of about 20 mph, but you may not need to drive that fast. S1 reaches 17 miles per hour at its fastest speed.

Motor Power

You should choose an electric scooter with a power of at least 250 watts. This is enough for you to cross flat ground and small hills. For people living in mountainous areas, a scooter with dual motors or a single motor with greater power will be a better choice. If you are going up a steep hill, even a 500 watt motor will slow down.


To ensure your safety, please ensure that your electric scooter has adequate lighting. You can buy additional lights for your electric scooters at any time, but the best scooters have good lighting built in. Any ride after dark requires front and rear lights. In addition to LED taillights, Shuangye S1 is also equipped with high-brightness LED headlights.


There are several different types of brakes for electric scooters:

Electric or regenerative
Foot brake
Drum brake
Disc brakes

Of these types, disc brakes are the most effective and reliable, but they usually only appear in the most expensive electric scooters. Electric brakes require zero maintenance and work well when combined with foot brakes, such as the Shuangye S1 brake system. The braking distance of the S1 on dry roads is only 13 feet.

electric scooter safety tips


Electric scooters are equipped with pneumatic tires or airless tires. Although pneumatic tires provide better shock absorption, they also require more maintenance than airless tires. Shuangye S1 is equipped with airless rubber tires that are ventilated for shock absorption, so you can enjoy a smooth ride without the risk of flat tires.


Although you have a variety of price options when buying an electric scooter, the quality usually improves as the price increases. Most adult high-end scooters cost at least $600, but if you spend more, you will get more features.


Not all electric scooters provide warranty services that you can trust, so be careful when buying directly from abroad. There are also many cheap scooters on Amazon, they do not have a warranty to protect your purchase. On the other hand, Shuangye electric scooters provide a one-year warranty. If there is any malfunction in the first three months, we will send you a brand new scooter.

The bottom line for choosing electric scooters

Although all the functions of an electric scooter are important, some functions may be more suitable for you than others. For example, if you are riding on relatively flat terrain and do not plan to ride in the rain, then you may not need the motor power, brakes, or tires that come with the most expensive scooters. When choosing the most suitable electric scooter for you, please consider your personal needs.

7 electric scooter safety Tips everyone should know

In the past few years, the popularity of electric scooters has soared. More and more people, from children to teenagers, and even adults, are using electric scooters for leisure and travel. Although they are certainly fun to ride, scooters can also pose a threat to their users. Listed below are several safety tips for electric scooters that every user must know.

1. Wear standard safety equipment

Always wear a helmet to protect your head, and wear a mouthguard when needed. If you tip over, elbow and knee straps can protect these corners from scratches and bumps. Gloves help to increase your confidence in the transaction. Electric scooters are largely protected, but it pays to be fully prepared.

2. Check the tires

Be sure to evaluate the tires of the scooter before use. A quick check before boarding is very helpful to ensure your safety when you are out. If you know other scooter consumers, ask them how to check scooter tires.
Some things you must pay attention to include the appearance of the tire and its pressure. Constantly check when there is no wear on the tread. Replace if necessary.

electric scooter safety tips

3. Focus on your environment

It is easy to lose attention to the surrounding environment when riding a scooter. Always focus on the road and observe the surrounding environment without sacrificing attention.
Watch out for pedestrians, oncoming vehicles and other obstacles. You must be careful to prevent accidents. Abide by disciplines and laws, follow the path of people, and take precautions before they happen.

4. Be aware of obstacles

Always pay attention to obstacles and defects, such as potholes, bumps, and cracks. These obstacles are one of the main reasons for scooter accidents. Keep your attention, carefully avoid obstacles falling or slowing down, and stop if necessary.
Generally, the ideal approach is to stay calm and slowly reduce the speed until it stops completely. If it is not possible to park, please go to an open area away from traffic immediately.
Also pay attention to puddles. Puddles may seem harmless, but they can be quite dangerous. They can hide holes and other cracks that can cause serious injuries. When using the scooter in wet weather, keep the speed low. If possible, please stop using it altogether.

5. Avoid smooth surfaces

Be extra careful when riding a scooter on smooth and wet surfaces (such as marble tiles, metal surfaces, wet streets, and muddy sidewalks). Water makes it more difficult for the tires to support your scooter and may cause injuries. Always maintain a low speed when cruising on wet terrain.

6. Keep calm and push slowly

Sudden downpours are happening all the time, and using an electric scooter in the rain may endanger individuals, especially if you are a little bit from the source. Keep calm and push gently while riding, as the streets and sidewalks will become slippery and wet.

7. Stop using the scooter during thunderstorms

Although rain can make scooter riding dangerous, as long as you make proper preparations, you can go home safely. However, if a thunderstorm occurs, you must quickly stop using the electric scooter and go to a shelter. Lightning is extremely dangerous and can maimed or even kill you.

If you are interested in electric scooters, you can follow our online battle or tell us in the comments below, we will continue to update the knowledge about electric scooters.

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